The Differences in Men and Real Men

My Husband Hits the Target

Who would you want to change your tire the clean well dressed white shirt collar worker who sells pharmaceuticals for a living or the scruffy blue-collar laborer with his dirty hands? What a striking contrast between these two different types of men. My daughter and I were returning from our Monday morning art classes when we felt something unusual about the way the SUV was handling pulling off to one side, then we realized it was lopsided. I told her to pull over on the side of the road so we could check the tires. Sure enough we had a flat tire. We were on a busy street in front of nearby a hotel parking lot so I suggested we pull in there so we could change the tire. I had fully expected to change the tire myself. I know how to do it but the funny thing is I’ve never had to change a tire all by myself once in my life because every time a man has stepped up and volunteered to do the job for me. I know how to check the oil, the tire pressure, brake fluid, and other fluids in the car. I have changed the oil and filter in a vehicle at least three times in my life including the transmission oil pan and gasket. Being the lady that I am I could not refuse to allow a man to be the gentlemen in assisting a ‘damsel in distress’ although I am far from helpless. But today’s event was interesting as two men came to my aid.

The first gentlemen to my rescue happened to have just checking out of his hotel room sitting in his car on the cell phone as he watched us remove the jack from the back of the vehicle and start working on loosening the spare tire from underneath. He was wearing gray dress pants, white neatly pressed shirt and tie with clean white soft hands. The white knight in shining amour was talking to his mother on the cell phone while giving us minimal instruction. Yes, I said instruction. He was afraid to get his hands dirty as every time he touched something he looked at his hands, wanted to wipe them on his pants and said, “My mother will kill me.” then refrained himself. After a short while he stepped back to his car to fetch a tissue to wipe his hands.  When he finally got off the phone he attempted to help us some showing us how little he knew about changing tires. Even I knew that you should loosen the lug bolts before the tire is lifted off the ground or otherwise the tire would spin as you tried to loosen them. As my daughter and I traded off turns pumping the jack the gentlemen would test it by shoving the flat end of the lug-nut wrench under the tire to see if it was high enough. Then he would coach us, just a little bit more as we pumped the jack. Here we were on our knees on the pavement with him standing there with the wrench in his hand coaching us. I will have to say that exercise was felt in my leg muscles the next day. I didn’t know changing a tire could be such an exercise.

The second gentlemen was a blue-collar worker driving a beat up old van no  doubt carrying his tools for his business wearing the typical blue work shirt with matching pants that were soiled, adorning a baseball cap, and dirty hands. The man showed up when my daughter was taking her turn pumping this cheap jack that came with the vehicle. It was a pain to use because  you have to remove and reposition the crank after each turn because you could not make a full circle turn. I doubt very much the blue-collar worker had business dealings in the hotel but more than likely spotted us from the street and pulled in to help us. We had just got the tire up off the ground when the Mr. Clean attempted to loosen the lug nuts. Naturally the tire started to spin being freed from the ground. This is when the blue-collar worker stepped in to take over. He quickly pumped the jack to knock down the weight of the vehicle enough to loosen the bolts. From this point on we ladies stood by to watch this knowledgeable and able man with his dirty hands finish the job for us.  I guess he didn’t like seeing us ladies on the ground in our skirts, and the other gentlemen not willing to get in and really be of assistance as he could have done. That is probably why he stopped in the first place seeing this  spectacle. Mr. Clean seeing things were under control went back into the Hotel to wash his hands.

I suppose it is in most men to want to be a hero in the eyes of women. They want to show their strength or just naturally want to help the weaker vessel. Perhaps their respect for two women who look like women are deserving of their attentions. They didn’t want us to spoil our knees, soil our hands, and dirty our dresses. I can appreciate a man who is not afraid to do the dirty work, or the physically demanding work to spare us but I am capable of doing many things without the help of a man. The truth is most of us women can and will do the job if there isn’t a man around who will do the job that is necessary. I feel honored when a man treats me with such respect so I will not deny him the opportunity to rise to the occasion. It is not just good for me but also good for his own ego. Just because we can do it does not mean we have to. I can admire a man who puts forth the greatest effort to tackle the toughest things, stand against the enemy, stand strong against opposition, willing to put himself at risk for the good of others. That is a real man. I have little respect those mamby-pamby kind of guys who are so weak and feeble-minded that they cannot tackle the smallest of challenges or opposition. I fear that our great country is filled with them. Where are the real men anymore? If men do not stand up then women will rise to the occasion and are doing so in record numbers in business and in politics. When men fail to lead women can do the job but our country would be best served with strong leadership by real men. Real women want real men.

I am thankful for both men that came to help me but my admiration goes to the honest hard-working blue-collar worker who understands and knows the meaning of hard work.  He probably gave up part of his lunch break to aid me. But the pill pusher who is not willing to get a little grease on his hands is of little use to me. I couldn’t help but wonder if he is part of big pharmacy and the convoluted scheme to control ‘we the people’ with this monstrosity of the Obama Health Care Plan. If anything is going to change in America it will come from the backs of honest American workers where the rubber meet the road be it men or women. Yes, I would prefer it be the men so I don’t have to change the tire but if you don’t I will.    ~ Debra Carmona ~ ‘Control Your World Before it Controls You’

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Adversity is for Growth

Most people choose to take the path of least resistance but in so doing many great lessons of life are missed. Each difficulty, is an opportunity for great growth. Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics always said, “We fail forward to success.” Some of my greatest lessons in life were learned during tough times.

The most difficult period of my time as a mother, was during Desert Storm when my husband was sent into the war while I was home with four little boys and expecting child number five which would be my first daughter. I was not allowed to know exactly where in the middle east my husband would be stationed and what his duties would be. We made the decision to go ahead and get pregnant before he left because I wanted to try out my new found knowledge in how to make a girl. We had no way of knowing how dangerous my husband’s job would be or if he would return from the war.  We had already mastered making sons. I had spent months in research and study to figure out why I kept coming up boys and what was needed to make a daughter. My thoughts were that this might be my last opportunity to make that happen.  So, as you can imagine that was a very emotional time for me. As I think back on that trying time and what it was like to have four little boys to manage all by myself, the words that come to my mind are noise and mess makers. The boys bedtime was my favorite part of the day.  It was during those challenging months that I developed some organizational skills to try and keep order to my household. I was forced to find solutions to the chaos. Those solutions would last for many years afterwards. I established a color coding system where each child was assigned a particular color. Their toothbrush, cup, ball cap and several other personal items were colored coded for each child. I put color dividers into their closets so they would know where to put their clothes. Their assigned colored cup was most useful because it meant I would only have four cups to wash at the end of the day instead of twenty. The boys were taught how to help with laundry, sorting, loading washer and dryer, folding, and putting away clothes. I learned to make my own homemade ready made dry pancake mix in large quantities. I drew up detailed instructions with illustrations so the oldest could learn how to make pancakes in the morning. In the years to follow the color coding system was expanded to camping gear: sleeping bags, backpacks, and duffle bags to carry their clothes. It worked well because everyone learned who had what color. Little did I know their assigned color would later be adopted as their favorite color. This system simplified my life and helped to train the children to be helpers. I learned more about organizing a household during those months than any other period of my role as a mom.

The first time we attempted to buy our first home we were turned down  because of our poor use of credit cards and department stores charge accounts. That wall forced us to realize the value of a good credit score. We made the mistake of seeking a quick solution in getting financial counseling not knowing that would be on our record for the next seven years. Did it help us? No. It only further postponed us from buying  a house until many years later. We let someone else take care of what we could have done ourselves. Sure the bills were paid off over a period of three years but our credit score was not improved.

When I became stressed with the creditors calling and hounding us for a payment I sought out ways to prevent their methods of pressuring me. In my search for solutions I discovered my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act so I could fight back and regain control of my life. I learned how to stop those calls even when I was behind on payments. I learned how to manage the debts. I learned valuable lessons on the ugly side of credit debt that would form my new attitude against obtaining credit.  I learned how creditors operate and learned how to deal with them.  I learned how to renegotiate the amount of the debt and settle accounts for less than the total balance but the biggest thing I gained was learning why having credit debt is just not worth it. It adds unnecessary, debt, stress, and wasteful expense.  Those tough challenges have been engrained into my very nature the need to stay away from credit debt altogether. I have learned to live by cash and it is far less stressful. We learned to live with the principle that if we don’t have the cash to pay for it then we do not buy it. Sometimes that has meant Christmases with no gifts but that also has been good for the children to experience. We teach by example. I refuse to run up credit debt to pile gifts under a tree because society says that is how it is done. My children have learned that Christmas is not about receiving gifts, that the true meaning of Christmas is about the Christ who gave himself for us. Were our Christmases any less joyful? No, quite the opposite. My children have learned to appreciate the value of family, good food, warm house, comfortable bed and sweet fellowship. They don’t make lists of “I want . . . ” They don’t have the “give me disease.” They have learned to be thankful for the simple things.

Even when we think we’ve learned all the lessons we could learn on a subject there is always one more valuable lesson to learn.  When we had finally conquered the debt thing, and brought up the credit score over time and it seemed like everything was falling into place, the unexpected happened, my husband lost his good paying job. He was out of work for four months.  And the job that would follow was no where near what he had lost. It took some time to build back up again. Times like that cause you to do some rethinking of choices and financial decisions. When you realize that there is no security in a job and how quickly the rug can be pulled out from under you. You worry about losing the house that you have invested so much time and money into. When you are faced with the situation of possibly losing your home and haven’t the ability to provide medical care for your family it forces you to search for better answers. When the economy starts falling all around you it forces you to search for other means of providing for you and your family. You begin to realize the need for a backup plan just incase the unexpected happens. When you realize the comfortable living provided by a good job is not good enough nor secure enough to provide for the health, wealth, and welfare of your family it’s time to look for other means. It sends you on another quest of discovery. Seek and ye shall find. I think it is good for us to get knocked out of our comfort zone every once in while to shake us up and get us moving.

I am so enjoying this phase of my life. I am learning things that I never knew existed before. Why hadn’t I sought them out before? The reason is because I was too comfortable. I am on a new journey in my life with new doors before me so full of possibilities. I am armed with new knowledge and solutions to protect my family and pave the way for a better future.  So, I can honestly say that I am thankful for the hard knocks that life sends our way. We learn from them and grow the most during them. As the good book says, “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” James 1:2 – 4

I am overcoming the adversities life throws at me. The best is yet to come and I am enjoying the ride. ~ Debra Carmona

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The Dog’s Life Is Not For Me!

My dog, Lady, who thinks she is human.

Do you live the dog’s life? Dogs are the most loyal of all creatures. They worship their owners, blindly follow them around, put themselves in great risk to protect their owner even to their own harm. They love, follow, and adore you even if you forget to spend time with it, talk to it, or give it any exercise. They are always just waiting for their next meal and they live to follow you around the house. The biggest frustration they have in life is that they are always on the wrong side of the door. Makes me think of all the empty-headed Obama followers waiting for the next hand out, not realizing that their man really does not care about them. They know nothing about the important issues and what position to take except what the liberal media tells them to think. They do not realize that all these social giveaway programs only trap them into further dependence instead of personal liberty.

We can learn lessons even from our pets. I’ve had my dog for about 8 years now. When she was new to me as a puppy I used to spend more time with her than I do now. Sometimes I am so busy I hardly notice her except when I’m eating and want to throw a few scraps at her. She usually gets the left overs of the things I either chose to not eat or just don’t have room for, sometimes that is pre-chewed food but she don’t mind. When I am eating she’s always there. In fact she is almost always where ever I am whether that’s at my desk on the computer or sitting in the living room with my laptop. She’ll be quietly napping somewhere near me. If I should jump up from the chair suddenly she also jumps up to go where ever she thinks I am headed. If I move towards the door she is easer to go outside with me. She cannot stand to be in the house when I am outside or vise versa. There are probably days when I may not even speak a word to her or even throw her any scraps but that does not dampen her loyalty to me. Sometimes I am annoyed by her shadowing me around all the time. She’s so close to me always that I often trip over her. She races me upstairs once she’s figured out that is where I am headed. I get mad at her and yell at her but that never seems to dampen her attentions to me. Every day I am her focus. I guess I should appreciate her devotion towards me.

I wonder if Obama or other liberal talking puppets care as much about the populace as they pretend to? I highly doubt it because the current trends of this administration seem to paint successful business owners as somehow evil because they are making money. If they really wanted to promote real job growth they would not put so many tax burdens  and bureaucratic red tape on companies and businesses that offer employment. Instead the liberals like to paint themselves as compassionate for offering free handouts to help the so-called “helpless.” Often times true growth comes out of struggle. Why should we make it so easy for a person to collect a paycheck, free food, and medical services when they have not worked for it. The policies of our government to give handouts to the so-called “poor” does not help and empower the individual. It only creates a mere existence such as my lazy dog waiting for the next handout. All we are breeding in this country is a generation of lazy people seeking something for nothing while breaking the backs of the good hard-working entrepreneurs of this country.

I for one am tired of this trend to strip the backbone of the income earners out of their well deserved living to give away to the ungrateful crowd of dogs that don’t even know what side of the door they want to be on. They are about as useful as my dog who is satisfied with scraps, and handouts.

Now if your reading this your probably patting yourself on the back by now thinking I’m not living the dog’s life. I work for a living, have a good job, provide for my family. Oh, sure your not the scoundrel mutts that comb the neighborhood digging in other people’s garbage but there are other breeds of dogs. Some are more refined, the purebreds that live in the house that even think that they are human. My dog, Lady acts like she thinks she is privileged. She knows her place is in the comfort of my house whereas the guard dog’s place is outside. Sometimes I appreciate more the outside dog because he offers me protection with his barking and fierce approach to strangers that wander into my yard. He provides a useful service to me. I am proud that he frightens even grown men from getting out of their vehicles.  Lady sometimes think she has a right to get up on my bed or on the leather sofas so I have to remind her where her place is. Her place is on the floor. I did buy her a nice cushioned doggie bed to encourage her to stay off my fine furniture. It does not matter how human she thinks she is, she is still a dog.  May I submit to you that most Americans have bought a bill of goods thinking we are ok. We are living the right way because we have a good job, a comfortable living which includes a large mortgage, auto loans, some credit debt and a long list of other bills which we pay on regularly basis each month. We rarely miss a payment. We’re the tax payers, the backbone of society, the responsible ones not the rift raft that sponges off society. But is that really good enough? Are you living from pay check to paycheck, month to month with very little savings set aside to offset the rising costs of inflation and unexpected expenses? Is your ultimate vacation just a dream that you hope for but can never do? Well, if that describes you than your only two steps above the lowly dogs life. Your among the purebreds that only think they are human.  The whole banking system encompassing the credit scoring system, how loans and credit debt are handled are what keeps you trapped into the dog’s life. Any debt is slavery including a home mortgage. The debtor is a servant to the lender. You work to pay others. Wouldn’t it be nice to work just to pay yourself? I have decided that the dog’s life is not for me.

I am learning how to take my little successful business and make it an even bigger success using the power of the internet. I am determined to remove myself and my family out of the status quo. I no longer accept business as usual and have no confidence in politicians to make things any better. The politicians usually get caught up in the game of “Let’s Make a Deal.” We cannot sit around waiting for them to make things better. We need to take matters into our own hands and make our own success. I choose to live like a winner.  Join me at the Top with the most unique one of kind system on the internet today.~ Debra Carmona

Top Home Business System

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Is the American Dream Worth It?

Every American longs to own their own home. It’s the American dream right? For many years home ownership was a great investment. Owning a home meant you had assets, financial worth, and borrowing power. It was easy to get equity loans for whatever purpose if you needed to do some remodeling or just pay off some debts.  The value of homes steadily continued to rise from year to year until the housing crash October 2008. Now many find their mortgages upside down, their homes are worth less than what they owe. More homeowners are going default in record numbers on their mortgage loans and the government is stepping in to help with new programs to rescue the home owner.

Now considering the economic uncertainty all around us you have to ask yourself is home ownership worth it anymore? A debt contract for 15 to 30 years. By the time the house is paid for you’ve paid the original selling price of the home almost three times over. More and more its seems like a home mortgage is just a trap. In years past the American family was very mobile, selling the home and moving to another city or state for a job transfer but now home sales have slowed and it’s increasingly more difficult to make such a big change. I even profited in selling a house a few years back that had risen in value in just five short years during the boom time and made a $25,000 profit which helped make the move to another state so easy. Now my current home is valued $20,000.00 less than it was valued at just two years ago. If I had to move now I would not likely make any profit at all.

Before this housing crash my thinking was that owning property was better than gold and maybe it is only if you own it outright. We have all watched the home values increase for so long, I fully expected it should continue so when we received a large inheritance we invested $50,000.00 into upgrading and remodeling our home. My thinking was that this was an investment and we will get that back someday. It will pay for itself. Surely my home will rise in value because of the upgrades we did. Only I never expected my husband to lose his job so soon after our money was almost spent. We were on the verge of doing a refinance when the bad news came. We were desperate to lower our monthly mortgage payment. But without a job the chances of refinancing came to an end. We had enough money to carry us for three months without failing to keep up with our debt obligations. It was four months before he found work. The new job was half the pay of the original job so difficult times were to follow. All the work in keeping up with the bills in raising our credit score was to no avail. All it takes is one mistake, one late payment to knock down that score. Negative information stays on your credit report for seven years. So much for progress. We are all reduced to a number on a piece of paper our credit score. Does that really show our real value? Banks won’t talk to you to negotiate if your credit score isn’t high enough. The dilemna cased me to do some deep thinking about the system. How unfair it all seems.  It’s as though it was all designed to keep us eternally in debt, struggling to make ends meet. We were so close to reaching our goal and just like that everything changed.

It did not seem to matter all the months we had paid our bills on time, that we don’t rack up credit debt, that we paid off one mortgage in the past, and paid off old bills, that we live on a cash basis for everything except for autos and a home mortgage. We pay our taxes and we educated our children at home not using tax payer money but funded our homeschooling program ourselves. We were not on any federal program receiving benefits for medical, food, or housing. And we did this for a large family of six children for over 25 years. We were self-sufficient, a burden to nobody. How could we not be seen as responsible trust worthy, non-risky people? My conclusion is the system is corrupt, meant to tie our hands, prevent us from progress, to make us all become dependents on the banking system that is controlled by the U.S. government.

How can one rise and be freed from this corrupt system? The answer, become debt free, going back to the old Biblical principle “Owe no man, anything.” If you have no home mortgage, auto loans, or credit debt you will be debt free, you will have extra money for whatever causes or needs arise. If you owe nothing, it does not matter what your credit score is. Think about it a credit score is for the purpose of borrowing money, accumulating more debt.  “The debtor is a servant to the lender”, another Biblical principle. So if you owe anyone anything, you are merely a slave with a number. Your number is your credit score, your value to the banking institutions. If more people would free themselves from bank debt we could cut out the banking institutions power over us. If you have no need to borrow money, you don’t need to worry about your credit score. If you have no debt you will be living a truly free life.

These reflections sent me on a quest to do that very thing, become debt free. I am building a multifaceted online business. My number one goal is to free myself from the burden of the home mortgage. My plan it to pay off my house in less than seven years. I want no part of the corrupt financial system that ties my hands behind my back. I refuse to surrender my freedom and power to the powers that be. I am worth far more than what my credit score may say.

Live like a winner, come join me at the Top.

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Appeasement or War?

All together again for Christmas

From several isles away you hear a child screaming. It’s not a child in pain but more of a demanding tone almost angry sounding. It seems to go on nonstop for several long minutes wearing your own emotions as it continues.  You have probably seen a scene such as this while shopping in public places more than once. Just recently it happened again. I was becoming annoyed and wondered at the adult how they were handling the situation so I headed towards the screaming child who looked about the age of three. His gaze was intently on the young woman who seemed to be deaf to his complaint or demands. She appeared to be on the cell phone but how could she hear anything and wouldn’t she be the least bit embarrassed by this defiant child? I wonder if she was only pretending to be on the phone “to busy to notice or care.” But how could she carry on a conversation with such noise in her ears. There were no tears in the child’s eyes. It was an obvious forced cry. The young teen girl standing near seemed to be embarrassed by the spectacle this child was creating. Even she was noticing the disgusted faces of all the onlookers at this pitiful scene. I looked around into the faces of those in view of this site. The looks on their faces were as if wondering, “When are you going to deal with this child?” I’m sure they were as annoyed as I was listening to this child pitch a fit. The screaming child, and the non involved adult was annoying me so much I was tempted to approach and rebuke either the child or the woman whom I will not dignify by calling her a mother because it was too obvious that she knew nothing about mothering. My frustration and discussed on the situation may not have guided me to be kind and gracious which would only have started a shouting match between that negligent woman and myself so I bit my lip and went on. What has happened to our society when a grown adult can not handle a three-year old child?

I am no Dr. Spock or a self-proclaimed expert but I have raised six children, five of them boys and my children never pitched a fit like that in any store or public place. We never allowed that type of behavior to go without correction. If they even started to whine they were dealt with instantly. I can remember times when I needed to take them to the bathroom for some much-needed correction but most often they were dealt with at home. And never did they get any reward by crying for it. I’ve seen too many ignorant parents appease their child by giving the child the object they were screaming for just to quiet the brat to spare themselves the embarrassment of their inability to handle the child’s misbehavior.  This seems too familiar with the way our current administration wants to deal with the radical islamic terrorists. Appeasement, giving in to their demands so they learn that they can scream and holler and threaten us into giving them what they want. Does it solve the problem? No, it only exasperate it. The problems become more compounded. By giving the child what he demands we are teaching him how to be manipulators, whiners, and self-centered beings. Bad behavior should never be rewarded with good. Is the object in raising children to keep the peace? If you think so then you better not have children because your cute little babies will grow into the terrible twos which become the testy teenagers and if never brought under submission will become societies terrorists.  They will have no respect for you, they will spit in your face, and disdain all authority. Wait that seems to describe the average young person in America today. As Willy Wonka says, “Whose to blame, when your child is a brat? The father and the mother.”

Methods of appeasement only continue the wrong selfish behavior. Peace is found on the other side of war. Just ask yourself the question. Do you honestly think that giving the demanding little brat what he’s screaming for will prevent him from doing the same act again for another desired object? If you have any common sense at all you know it won’t. So how can we think it to be any different in dealing with terrorists? As a parent I chose to oppose the wrong behavior, and stand strong against it. I might not be loved immediately, nor be their best friend but will gain their respect and obedience in the end. My rules remain constant and firm. We do not tolerate lying, stealing, willful disobedience or hurting anyone intentionally for any reason no matter what they have done to you. My children were taught to respect all authorities because they are watchers of their souls. If we as parents do not demand respect and obedience from our own children, how can we ever expect them to be disciplined in school to respect and obey the teacher, or later in service to the employer on the job, the police officer, the supervisor, or the law of the land? Failure to teach discipline to young children breeds “would be terrorists” to society at large. Appeasement is no solution it only adds to the problem. Parent’s who fail to discipline their children are the contributing factors as are Government officials in appeasing terrorists. War is more often than not the best solution that brings about the peaceable results in creating a civilized society.

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Going Against the Grain

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. Perhaps because on my belief that the crowd tends to go in the  wrong direction. “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:13 – 14

The average American family consists of 2.5 children. I have six, five sons and one daughter all fathered by the same dad and all conceived in the marriage relationship. I remember one particular day many years ago. When I was shopping with a toddler child in the shopping cart, a younger child in the restraint seat, one walking beside me and I was quite pregnant. A woman looked at the obvious spectacle in her eyes and asked, “What are you doing? Making a career out of this?” I was very offended by her sarcasm and answered her back with a very confident and proud answer, “Yes, as a matter of fact I am!” And I went on my way without any further recognition of that woman. My declaration only fired me on to continue my pursuit to have even more babies. I determined that I don’t care what other people think of me. I make my own path, my own way. I don’t follow the common direction of others.

What should it matter to anyone how many children I have? I am not a welfare case sponging off the U.S. tax payers. We have fed and clothed our children with our own hard earned money. In fact we have paid taxes to help fund the failing public school system while putting out our own cash to buy books, computers, equipment and supplies to educate all our children at home for a total of nineteen years. I didn’t even get a tax break for not being a burden on the public system. I determined early on that nobody would influence my children but me, my husband, and my church in those early formative years. I didn’t want my children to be brain washed with all the political junk such as political correctness, exalting the animal kingdom above that of the human population with “save the whale” nonsense, nor distorted history to form heads of mush that would vote for such a disastrous President as we now have. I strongly believe in individualism. I feel that the “school system” whether public or private forces children to be nothing more than cookie cuts, all formed to the same image or model as is determined by the teacher. I want my children to think for themselves, to be themselves, as independent thinkers.  So, that was the foundation of my homeschooling for nineteen years.

Soon, I became deaf to the nay sayers with their little comments, “Boy, you got your hands full!” I will admit there were times when I thought the same thing nevertheless I persevered. I was not raised a quitter. I watched my father build his own business, and build our house out of the trees that he cut down himself. I remember going to the saw mill with that truck load of trees and watching them sawed into boards that would become the new house that we moved into when I was in the 4th grade. I was privileged to have a strong example before me in my hard-working father as he labored on building the house. It was an inspiring example to see this blank field of grass turn into a home site where we grew up. I learned a great deal from my father’s example. He was a do-it-yourself kind of man. I guess I am the same.

Nobody can tell me that it can’t be done because I won’t except that. When I hear those words it fires me up to prove them all wrong. We CAN do anything that we determined to carry out. It takes guts, courage, patience, and perseverance.  Sometimes it takes a little blood, sweat and tears but it will pay off in the end. Never let anyone stop you. Character is measured by what it takes to stop you. I am unstoppable! Keep telling yourself that until you really believe it. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Phillippians 4:13

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Hello World! It’s a beautiful day!

Throughout the years several people have suggested that I should write a book. I’ve often told myself that I should but never seem to find the time to sit down and write. Then I discovered the new trend in blogging and thought that might be a great place to start sharing my thoughts and life’s lessons in hopes that it might be a help or an inspiration to others.

My life has been rich with a varied array of experiences through my world travels, raising six children, five boys and only one daughter, nineteen years of homeschooling, and building a home based business. Our family has had the privilege to travel the world and experience different cultures, a variety of new experiences, and taste internationals foods. Everywhere we have gone we’ve made new friends and attracted so many into our family circle. Our home has been the place everyone wants to be. We can literally say that we have world-wide friends. It hasn’t always been a bed of roses. We’ve had our share of trials and testings but we always manage to come through them all learning from our mistakes and meeting the challenges head on to have the victory on the other side.

Just yesterday a man approached me and told me that his wife said she wanted to get to know me, and talk to me because she wanted to know what I have done to raise my children to be such fine young adults who are so well-mannered, respectful, and well-behaved.  Isn’t that amazing? Well, that was just the spark I needed to send me in this direction to start recording my thoughts and life’s lessons and how we have dealt with them.  This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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